Statebourne Bio34 and Bio36 Storage Vessels

Bio 34 aluminium refrigerator, 34 litre capacity, including 10 canisters.

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Bio 34 aluminium refrigerator, 34 litre capacity, including 10 canisters.

Bio36 aluminium refrigerator, 36 litre capacity, including 10 canisters.

The Bio Series of refrigerators provide two lines for storage of biological material, with high capacity or extended hold time variants.

Product Codes:

9902110 – Bio34 vessel and canisters

9902130 – Bio36 vessel and canisters

9902112 :Roller base for both vessels

Product Features
  • 11 models, from 2 litres to 36 litres capacity
  • Strong lightweight aluminium construction
  • High thermal efficiency ultra-low evaporative losses
  • Numbered index location points for canisters
  • Heavy-duty lockable enclosures offer excellent security
  • Straw storage
  • 1.2, 2.0 or 5.0ml cryovials held on canes
  • Roller bases and level alarms
  • High Capacity Models

    These units allow the storage of large quantities of biological material while still offering excellent holding times.

    All high capacity units have wider neck openings for easy access.

    All Bio Series containers are designed and manufactured in our purpose-built ISO 9001 accredited facility using the very latest CAD technology. Advanced super-insulation and ultra-high vacuum techniques allow incredibly long holding times.

    Canes and sleeves are available as well as a range of goblets and lifters for straw storage.

    Roller bases and long/short canister options available.

    The Battery CryoGuard offers an LN2 level alarm facility in areas where mains electricity is unavailable.

    Canister-equipped Refrigerators

    Included with every Bio Series container are internal storage canisters suitable for the storage of biological material in cryovials on canes or straws in goblets.

    Roller bases and long/short canister options, with a wide selection of accessories available. Contact us for details.
    LN2 Capacity (litres) 34
    Evaporation Rate (%/day) 0.18
    Static holding time (days) 189
    Field Working Time (days) 118
    Weight Empty (Kg) 17.8
    Weight Full LN2 (Kg) 45.3
    Neck Diameter (mm) 89
    Overall Height (mm) 710
    Overall Diameter (mm) 480
    No. of Canisters 6
    Canister Dimensions D (mm) 69
    Canister Dimensions H (mm) 275
    2ml Vial Capacity 684
    Straw Capacity (0.25cc) 9840
    Straw Capacity (0.5cc) 4200

Additional information

Product Code

9902110 – Bio34 Vessel 9902130 – Bio36 Vessel 9902112 – Roller base compatible with both vessels

Price List Section

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