Soft Denudation Tips – Straight Cut Off

Straight Cut Off

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Straight Cut Off

The SOFT DENUDATION TIP is a single-use
micropipette used for oocyte manipulation,
blastomer or polar body manipulation, embryo
handling or denuding. The SOFT DENUDATION
TIPS are made from flexible medical plastic and are
nearly unbreakable to avoid scratch surface or break.

The tip is precise straight cut off to fit your

There are a lot of different sizes available.

The SOFT DENUDATION TIPS are compatible
with most popular used micropipettors.

by gamma radiation
Packaging individually packed:
10 tips individually packed, 100 tip per Box (sales unit)
Packaging MULTIPACK:
20 tips / vial, 200 tips / box (sales unit)

80 µm 447080 447080/20
100 µm 447100 447100/20
125 µm 447125 447125/20
130 µm 447130 447130/20
135 µm 447135 447135/20
140 µm 447140 447140/20
145 µm 447145 447145/20
150 µm 447150 447150/20
155 µm 447155 447155/20
165 µm 447165 447165/20
170 µm 447170 447170/20
175 µm 447175 447175/20
200 µm 447200 447200/20
275 µm 447275 447275/20
300 µm 447300 447300/20
550 µm 447550 447550/20

Overview of colour-codes:
125 µm blue
130 µm / 135 µm yellow
140 µm / 145 µm white
150 µm / 155 µm green
165 µm black
170 µm / 175 µm red
200 µm orange
275 µm grey
300 µm brown

Additional information

Quality assurance

Reproline medical GmbH administrates a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 for the production and the distribution of products for reproductive medicine and laboratory needs and guidance in medical technology. All products are CE-certified according to the latest European standard.

Quality control

All products of Reproline medical GmbH are manufactured in a certified clean room of ISO class 7 and have to pass manifold quality controls during the production-processes, so that each product that leaves our production site has undergone a 100%- control. Computer technologies, laser optics and computer assisted production processing not just deliver a high number of product data, but also a precision and accuracy reflecting in the quality and reproducibility of the products. The assurance of the permanently highest quality standard is monitored consistently, confirmed by the end control and documented in a quality protocol. Additionally the production lot of each product listed here is tested for mouse embryo toxicity (MEA) and endotoxins (LAL) and is released for sale not before having passed these tests.

Sterilisation method

All raw materials are adapted optimally to the validated sterilisation process by gamma irradiation during the developmental phase. We guarantee the sterility of our products according to DIN EN ISO 11137.

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