Rocket Craft Pump and spares

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Rocket Craft Pump.

Product Code: 005553

HIGHLY RELIABLE: Rocket Craft™ Pumps have a proven 30 year history of reliability and excellent value.
SIMPLY, SAFE OPERATION with air-operated foot switches on a solid moulded base to replace the traditional chromed style. Lighter weight connection set is now standard across the range to improve ease of handling and reliability.
LARGER, CLEARER GAUGE with increased resolution improves setting accuracy and long term reliability. ?

ULTRA QUIET diaphragm pump makes all Rocket pumps easy to live with in the OR and typically only needs bi-annual servicing.
FULLY VARIABLE VACUUM from 0-400mmHg-1. High Vacuum: 440mmHg-1
SINGLE USE WATER TRAP or FILTER SETS provide the simplest and most cost effective solution to the need to reprocess reusable water traps and silicone tubing.

Technical Specifications

Vacuum is activated by a foot operated switch controlled by the surgeon performing oocyte collection.
Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 12 cm
Weight: 3.2 kg
Vacuum: 0 – 400 mm Hg

12-month warranty.

Spares available:

Pedal for craft pump: 015621

Craft pump tubing: 006553

Craft pump reservoir: 018204

Craft pump cap: 018268

Craft pump Luer-Lock adaptor: 019270

Additional information

Product Code

005553 – Craft Pump
015621 – Pedal
006553 – Tubing
018204 – Reservoir
018268 – Pump Cap
019270 – Luer-Lock Adaptor

Price List Section

14) Craft Pump, Micro-aspirator, Embryo & Sperm Transport