Proiser Trumorph and Trumorph 40x NPC

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Proiser Trumorph device and power supply, with or without objective 40x NPC.

The Trumorph is a new device that provides the user with clear morphological images in less than 20 seconds.

Long fixation and staining steps are not necessary anymore.

The Trumorph is based upon examination of wet preparations of living immobilized spermatozoa, after a short 60°C incubation in narrow chambers and examined by negative phase contrast microscopy.

The Trumorph makes it possible to analyse spermatozoa from the head to the tail and to detect morphological abnormalities.

The ease of preparation makes it a robust method applicable for analysis of living unmodified spermatozoa.

Product Codes:

M114: Trumorph device and power supply

M115: Trumorph device, power supply and objective 40x NPC

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Product Code

M114 – Trumorph
M115 – Trumorph and objective 40x NPC

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