Lifters for Classical and Daisy Goblets – various heights

Lifters for both classical and daisy goblets, various heights

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Lifters for both classical and daisy goblets, various heights

Product Codes: 

007146: 1-shelf lifter for both types of goblets – 295mm H

007913: 2-shelf lifter for standard goblets – 270mm H

007912: 3-shelf lifter for standard goblets – 405mm H

007911: 4-shelf lifter for standard goblets – 540mm H

007836: 5-shelf lifter for standard goblets – 675mm H

007901: 6-shelf lifter for standard goblets – 805mm H

013327: 2-shelf lifter for daisy goblets – 299mm H

013328: 3-shelf lifter for daisy goblets – 436mm H

013329: 4-shelf lifter for daisy goblets – 573mm H

010015: 5-shelf lifter for daisy goblets – 707mm H

008660: 6-shelf lifter for daisy goblets – 846mm H

Additional information

Product Code

007146: 1-shelf standard and daisy goblets 007913: 2-shelf standard goblets 007912: 3-shelf standard goblets 007911: 4-shelf standard goblets 007836: 5-shelf standard goblets 007901: 6-shelf standard goblets 013327: 2-shelf daisy goblets 013328: 3-shelf daisy goblets 013329: 4-shelf daisy goblets 010015: 5-shelf daisy goblets 008660: 6-shelf daisy goblets

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