Embryo Transport Kit Carrying case with portable incubator, dry battery and battery charger – enabling a safe transport over long distances with an optimum environment for the embryo.

Your benefits
• Allows shipping of embryos with courier service, hand carry onto train or airplane, transport in a car and stationary maintenance under optimum conditions of incubation

• Constant temperature by very accurate controlling systems

• Long lasting rechargeable battery, up to 56 h

• Hygienic environment

• Heavy-duty, lockable and shock proof carrying case ensures a safe transport

• Versatile power supply: 12V DC car battery (cigarette lighter adapter), 230V or 110V outlet, wireless with battery

Technical specifications
Outer dimensions: 584 x 267 x 289 mm (L x W x H)

• Capacity of battery: 56h at +25°C

• Weight of complete kit: 11,5 kg

Product Code: 19180/1201

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14) Craft Pump, Micro-aspirator, Embryo & Sperm Transportation