Cryolab Oocyte Retrieval Needles

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Single Lumen, Single Lumen With Line, And Double Lumen

Pk Size 10

Product Codes:

CRYOPU01 – 16G Single Lumen, 10cm Line 

CRYOPU02 – 16G Single Lumen, Angled Connector, Without Line 

CRYOPU03 – 16G Single Lumen, 100cm Line 

CRYOPU04 – 16G Single Lumen, Flushing With Stopcock

CRYOPU05 – 17G Single Lumen, 10cm Line 

CRYOPU06 – 17G Single Lumen, Angled Connector, Without Line 

CRYOPU07 – 17G Single Lumen, 100cm Line

CRYOPU08 – 17G Single Lumen, Flushing With Stopcock 

CRYOPU09 – 18G Single Lumen, 10cm Line  

CRYOPU10 – 16G Single Lumen Manual Aspiration 

CRYOPU11 – 17G Single Lumen Manual Aspiration 

CRYOPU12 – 18G Single Lumen Manual Aspiration 

CRYOPU13 – 16G Double Lumen

CRYOPU14 – 17G Double Lumen 




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