Cryocan-10 Storage Vessel and Accessories

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Storage vessel with capacity for 10 canisters.

Can be configured to your exact requirements with either standard or twistable canisters.

Static Holding Time 130 days
Working Time 81 days
Evaporation Rate 0.27L/d
LN2 Cap 35L
Weight – empty 17.7kg
Weight – full 46kg
Neck diameter 119mm
Overall height 673mm
Overall diameter 508mm
Canister diameter 71*270mm
Number of 2ml vials 1050
Number of 1/2cc straws – cane 3500
Number 1/2cc straws – 2 levels 5000
Straw 0.25 capacity

Product Code: Cryocan-10

Also available:

Additional canister for Cryocan-10: Canisters 1

Set of 10 additional canisters for Cryocan-10: Canisters Set

Twistable canister for Cryocan-10: Twist1

Set of 10 Twistable canisters for Cryocan-10: Twist Set

Roller base for Cryocan-10: Cryocan-10RB

Additional information

Product Code

CRYOCAN-10: Storage vessel with 10 standard canisters
CANISTERS 1: Additional canister for Cryocan-10
Canisters Set: Set of 10 canisters for Cryocan-10
TWIST 1: Additional twistable canister for Cryocan-10
TWIST SET: Set of 10 twistable canisters for Cryocan-10
CRYOCAN-10RB: Roller base for Cryocan-10

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11a) Cryocan 10