CBS Micro-aspirator and spare tubing



CBS micro-aspirator and spare tubing.

Product Codes:

014498: Micro-aspirator

014500: Micro-aspirator spare tubing

The micro-aspirator is used to manually fill all straws manufactured by Cryo Bio System without any risk of contamination.

Instructions for use

  • Hold the aspirator in a horizontal position.
  • Carefully push the straw into the adaptor and aspirate the liquid. The tube length should be about 10 cm.
  • Slowly turn the thumb wheel towards the adaptor until reaching the correct filling height.
  • Remove the straw just underneath the adaptor.

No special maintenance is required.



Additional information

Product Code

014498: Micro-aspirator
014500: Extra tubing

Price List Section

14) Craft Pump, Micro-aspirator, Embryo & Sperm Transport