CBS Isolating Transport Container for sperm

Isolating transport container for sperm.

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Isolating transport container for sperm.

Product Code: 015937

Description / Use

For transport of prepared sperm prior to intra-uterine insemination. High density polyethylene container with polyurethane foam insert pre-cut to hold one tube. These dimensions fit all commercially available 5 to 15 mL round or conical bottom culture tubes.

Technical specifications

Length: 120 mm

Diameter: 65 mm.

Two hours prior to use, the container can be placed at 37°C for optimal guarantee of the temperature for transporting a tube of sperm prepared in the laboratory to the clinic for insemination. Guarantees sperm mobility by avoiding thermal shock.

Instructions for use
  • Open the container by unscrewing the lid.
  • Place the tube in the opening situated in the middle of the foam insert.
  • Close the container by screwing the lid.
  • The container is now ready to be transported to the clinic for insemination.

If necessary, the container can be labeled for identification.

Maximum duration for transportation: 15 mn.

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