Dilvac stainless steel dewar, no inner glass, various capacities.

These vacuum-insulated Dewar flasks are made entirely of stainless steel and are designed specifically for those special applications where no glass can be used.

Lightweight and compact in 6 standard sizes from ½ litres to 6 litres capacity, these Dewars are designed for low temperature and high temperature applications.

Models DSS 1000 to DSS 6000 each have a detachable steel handle.

These Dewars can be used for ultra-low or very high temperature applications. From the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen (-183°C), liquid nitrogen (-196°C) right up to high temperature ovens of +300°C. For use in physics, chemistry and biological situation, cold traps, oil baths, water baths; for the storage or carrying of frozen substances; for heat tempering or transporting high temperature objects, for medical study of frozen cells et. The list of applications is endless.

Model No. Capacity (Litres) Internal
(diameter x depth mm)
(diameter x depth mm)
Nett Weight
DSS 500 0.5 65 x 180 87 x 204 0.46
DSS 1000 1.0 85 x 206 107 x 232 0.85
DSS 1000W 1.0 100 x 157 122 x 177 0.63
DSS 2000 2.0 100 x 285 122 x 313 1.23
DSS 3000 3.0 185 x 160 200 x 190 1.50
DSS 6000
6.0 185 x 270 200 x 300 2.12

Product Codes: 

DSS500: 0.5 litre capacity

DSS1000: 1.0 litre capacity

DSS1000W: 1.0 litre capacity (wide)

DSS2000: 2.0 litre capacity

DSS3000: 3.0 litre capacity

DSS6000: 6.0 litre capacity

Dilvac stainless steel container with clamp lid attachment, vent and handle – 182mm x 350mm

Contains replaceable borosilicate glass inner.

2.0 litre capacity – internal diameter 65mm.

4.5 litre capacity – internal diameter 65mm.

Product Codes: 

S222: 2.0 litre capacity container

S333: 4.5 litre capacity container