CE Marked CBS High Security Tubes

Manufactured with highly transparent ionomeric resin, these tubes have similar biocompatibility guarantees as CBS straws.

Volume indicating lines per 0.1 ml up to 1.2 ml and dimensions compatible with standard storage boxes and canes.

Compatible with the SYMS II Sealing system, these tubes are simple to use and perfect for the following applications:

  • Biorepositories for scientific, medical and pharmaceutical research (glass ampules)
  • Blood banks and blood transfusion centres
  • Cell and genetic therapy units
  • Vaccines and thermo-sensitive drug packaging
  • Forensic, scientific criminal investigations
  • Sperm banks, ovarian tissue banks
  • Laboratories and clinics specialized in Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Belinda Notarte, senior biomedical scientist, uses the SYMS sealer on a daily basis in the Cytology Laboratory at the Royal Surrey County Hospital sealing cells in the CryoBioSystem tubes for cryopreservation.
The Cytology Laboratory is pleased with this system that provides a perfect leak free seal.


This is a unique fully secured system for storage in liquid nitrogen. Call us today for further information and/or to arrange a demonstration with Paul.

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